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Back In The Swamp


That's where Voo Doo Daddy & Chef Boudan first met. Chef was a cookin' for a chain gang on Highway 5 out of Lafayette. Daddy was runnin' a moonshine bar. One crazy night their paths crossed at the Red Ox, a local watern' hole. Bellying to the bar, they put down eleven shots a tequila. They talked about gator wrestlin', Hank Williams, Buckwheat Zydeco, Dukes of Hazzard, and how the "Yanks" didn't put enough kick in their food. They been partners in crime ever since. 

In the early 90's, they up and moved to Wisconsin armed with a box of recipes and a bottle a Hot sauce. (Chef always hated the Dixie heat, and Daddy was a ladies man who wore out his welcome.) The economy wasn't good, so they both took jobs a working at the local railroad cleaning box cars. After six years a Savin' and a whole lotta experimenting' in the kitchen, they opened up their own joint. 

That's how Fishbone's was born. 

We tell people Fishbone's is cajun creole fusion with a hint a "Pacific Rim", but if ya don't know what that means, it don't matter a lick. Just to know we serve darn tasty grub and killer drinks. So kick up your feet, order a few plates and stay awhile. 

We're here for ya!!!


Daddy and Boudan

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